New Approach to Video Rental

In order to create a successful video rental sytem you need the following:

Technology. We are combining several new technologies. One is our proprietary HTML5 Playing System shown at the right. And our JSONP Handler Server for video feed aggregation that allows us to deliver videos from any source by bidding. Our JSONP Handler allows us to have one piece of JavaScript Code that will work in all browsers from mobile to laptop.

Marketing We will launch our rental service using an Infomercial with a QR Code on the TV show to create a new type of Social Network. Infomercials are the least expensive means of marketing and can reach 95% of the TV viewing audience in America and Canada within 90 days.


Use your mouse to select one of the two video streams playing on the left. When you select one, you will notice a set of handles appear arround the selcted video. Once selected you can then use your mouse to change the size or drag the video or rotate the video in a circle.