†We Are Changing the Way Anti-Virus Programs Work!

We added Artificial Intelligence to our software to block virus before they even exist!
Artificial Intelligence doesn't need any "virus signature" to block new virus, ransomeware and spyware!

Check Out Our Features...

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence doesn't need any "virus signature" to block new virus, ransomeware and spyware!

White & Black Lists

We have BOTH White & Black Lists for YOUR Protection that are maintained from sources around the world.

Automated Tools

Our hands-free, automated tools help to keep YOUR compuer & mobile devices working without any effort on YOUR part.

Removes Malware

Finds and eliminates malicous software on your computer like spyware, adware, or viruses.

Web Protection

Detects malicious sites and protects you from dangerous attacks.

Block Phishing Websites

Block fake websites that try to steal your personal information.

Our Internet SuperCharger®

We now includes our famous Internet SuperCharger® that listens for viruses and spyware attempting to connect over the Internet. SuperCharger® is a unique Winsock packet sniffer that Snoops out the DNS lookups of viruses, spyware and adware and blocks them. Editorial Review..."Using it is childshly simple. Just press the button! It's as easy as that to adjust your most critical network settings. The registry fixes increase Internet transmission speed INSTANTLY, and this incredible program allows you to change so much effectively, safely, and very easily. For people who aren't sure about navigating the Windows registry but like to tweak Windows, this is definitely the software tool for you. Let it make those changes for you quickly and safely."


ChromeOS Web Browser Enhanced® with Powerful
Money Making Features

We include our ChromeOS Web Browser Enhanced for
greater security packed with money-making features
and resources that other browsers just don't have!

Don't Let the Bastards Bust YOU!

We secure your compter in several ways incluing erasing your browsing history and any files you need to erase or encrypt so that the
Thought Police, F.B.I., C.I.A., Homeland Security, et. al. can't recover those files or decrypt them. This is especially important in today's world where the most innocent thing on your computer that is legal can cause you to wind up in jail.


If you computer is already infected with a virus or spyware then our software probably won't help you.
Surprised? There are a number of software programs being sold as "Anti Virus" or "Anti Spyware" that are nothig more than registry cleaners and they won't remove any viruses or spyware. Our software is designed to help protect your computer BEFORE it is infected and to help you block these programs from connecting over the Internet. Most of the good anti-virus software apps are expensive and can't deal with finding and removing all the MILLIONS of viruses.
You BEST protection is to make a backup of your computer and your registry at least once a week and if your computer is infected to then rollback your computer and registry to an earlier, uninfected version. Our softwrae will help you backup your registry and help you to identify website sthat viruses, adware and spyware are connecting to which may help you in identifying the specific problem. But idenifying the problem won't fix the problem.